Prices & Packages

All of our Beers, Wines, Spirits, Mixers and Juices are supplied in and around Sussex by our lovely local breweries/Distilleries and juices suppliers, supporting local, established and emerging businesses. Including; Chapeau Brewery (Horsham), Blue Thorn Gin (Seaford), G& H Spirits (Steyning), Bolney Wine Estate (Bolney), Folkingtons (Arlington) and Hunts Sussex Cider (Battle).

Red Wine

On Tap

Bottles & Cans


Larger £3.50/£6.00

Bitter/Pale Ale £3.50/£6.00

Cider £3.00/£5.50

Bitter/Pale Ales £4.00

American Pale Ales £4.00

Cider (500ml) £4.50

Alcohol Free (0-0.05%) £3.50

Premium Gin £6.50

Vodka £5.50

Rum/Spiced Rum £6.00

Malt Whiskey £6.00

(All spirit prices include mixer)




Sambuca/Tequila £3.50

By the glass (125ml) £6.50

Bottle (from) £30.00

Prosecco/Cuvee (glass) £8.50

Bottle (from) 48.00

Pimms No.1 £5.00 - £7.00

Soft Drinks

                                                                                                     By the glass £3.00

                                                                                                     By the bottle £2.50

                                                                                                     By the can £2.00

*Double up on spirits for £3.00

We aim to source all our beers, mixers, wines & spirits from local Sussex producers.


Empty Hire - Includes, Hire, Delivery, Bar Staff and soft drinks (fruits/ice) upto a value of £50. The cost of soft drinks over £50 is charged at our normal prices.

Full Hire - this includes the Empty Hire. All alcoholic drinks are purchased through a cash/card system.

Full Hire Premium - There is a Pre-paid limit set (agreed by the clients). Once the limit is reached all alcoholic drinks are purchased through a cash/card system or the client can agree to an Pre-paid extension (paid at the time of the extension).